The Wad:
The True Story Behind the Phantom Lake County Chewing Gum Disaster
Coming August 21st, 2024 — 82 minutes, color and black & white, not rated
The Wad

In writer/director Christopher R. Mihm's first faux-documentary, KPHL Channel 6 Nightly News anchor Daniel Johnson (Elliott Mihm) hosts a "look back" at one of the most shocking events ever to transpire in Mihmiverse history. Through interviews with survivors and major players involved in the crisis, re-enactments, and never-before-seen archival footage, Mr. Johnson presents the complete and unabridged story of the wad of chewing gum that mutated, became sentient, grew to gargantuan proportions, and threatened the lives of every man, woman, and child in Phantom Lake County!

Written, directed, and edited by
Christopher R. Mihm

Christopher R. Mihm
Stephanie Mihm

Executive Producers
Marty Benoit
P³ Perkins Prop Productions

Associate Producer
Dr. Matthew Pavesic


Mike Cook  —  Dr. Edwards/Gustav
Jesse Griffith  —  Ken Gardner
Tyler Haines  —  Dr. Hallen
Shannon McDonough  —  Julie Ann Saint Marie-Jackson
Alice Mihm  —  Evelyn Johnson
Daniel Mihm  —  Chip
Elliott Mihm  —  Daniel Johnson
James Norgard  —  Dr. Gabriel
Kira Pontiff  —  Receptionist
Richard Schwinden  —  Farmer
Thom Gladhill  —  Larry O'Donnell
Mark Haider  —  General Castle
Michael Kaiser  —  Sheriff Hayes
Timothy Meinke  —  Musician
Christopher R. Mihm  —  Mayor Boland
David Mihm  —  Butch
Stephanie Mihm  —  Rosemary
Ann Perkins  —  Mayor's Assistant
Gwen Ruhoff  —  Norma Lynn Boland


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