We're only a month into 2011 and the new year is already coming into focus!

Robert Silinghia, Shannon McDonough, & Doug Sidney
With only a handful of scenes left to film, principal photography of the next Mihmiverse film, "Attack of the Moon Zombies" is scheduled to end within a few weeks. A full hour and five minutes have been edited and, according to writer/director Christopher R. Mihm, this film promises to be his best work to date.

To further whet your appetite for the coming film, we've included this great behind-the-scenes photo (left) taken by executive producer Rylan Bachman. From left to right, we see actors Robert Silinghia, Shannon McDonough, and Doug Sidney taking a break between takes.

2011 also promises to be a great year for Mihmiverse screenings and events.

In April, writer/director Christopher R. Mihm is scheduled to be a media guest of honor at the second annual CONstellation science fiction, fantasy, anime, and gaming convention in Lincoln, Nebraska. This is the first time Mr. Mihm has been asked to be a guest of honor at any convention and, understandably, is excited as heck to attend and participate in this great event!

The date for the "Attack of the Moon Zombies" premiere has been tentatively set for May 25th — the same date as last year's "Destination: Outer Space" premiere and the original release of "Star Wars" in 1977!" As successful as both those events were, one can only hope the selection of that date proves just as fortuitous!

Following in the footsteps of the five previous Mihmiverse films, "Attack of the Moon Zombies" will hold its drive-in premiere over Memorial Day weekend at the Hi-Way 18 Outdoor Theatre in Jefferson, Wisconsin! The film will screen Friday, Saturday, and Sunday as the third film of a triple-feature. The exact lineup of films has yet to be announced.

Along with "Terror from Beneath the Earth," "Attack of the Moon Zombies" is scheduled to screen at a special Mihmiverse double-feature in Oshkosh, Wisconsin on June 11th! This cool event was organized by super-fan and actor Bob Arndt (Dr. Banks), half of the duo responsible for the monthly Countdown to Moon Zombies videos featured in this newsletter. The Oshkosh-based Dr. Edwards-centric double-feature is sponsored by Oshkosh Horror, the Fox Valley's source for horror. To make this event that much more exciting, it will be hosted by the official horror host of the Mihmiverse, Dr. Ivan Cryptosis, who is slated to give a very special comedic performance between films! Who'd want to miss that?!

The first Mihm-i-CON, the official Mihmiverse meet-up, now has a tentative date: August 6th. The host location, activities, and guest list are still in flux but we promise to have everything in order in time for next month's newsletter. We may even be ready to sell advance tickets!

For all the latest information about screenings, events, goings-on, and general news, make sure to frequent, the online home of the films of Christopher R. Mihm!


This month, we continue the series of monthly videos that follow two Mihmiverse superfans (Bob Arndt and Rob "Rod" Wartick) as they journey from Appleton, Wisconsin, to the set of the next Christopher R. Mihm film, "Attack of the Moon Zombies," in Minnesota. In this segment, we travel to the moon and meet husband and wife cast members, Anthony Kaczor and Sid Korpi, who play Dr. Phillips and Administrator Ripley, respectively. You will also get to see writer/director Christopher R. Mihm in action behind the camera!


Blood of Dracula (1957)
Directed by Herbert L. Strock.
Starring Sandra Harrison and Louise Lewis.

After her mother dies and her father quickly remarries, an angry, disaffected teenage girl finds herself basically dumped in an all-girls boarding school. The other girls there take an intense and immediate disliking to her. As a result, she violently lashes out. Her aggressive behavior (and overall demeanor) catches the attention of one of the school's instructors, a scientifically corrupt and morally challenged woman with a ridiculous, 1950s-B-movie theory: if you were to unleash and somehow manifest the evil inherent in all human beings, you would demonstrate a weapon of such unbelievable horror that humanity would give up its quest for atomic weapons and live in peace. Under the guise of therapeutic hypnosis sessions, the instructor uses a magical amulet (that's somehow tangentially related to Dracula, hence the title) to release the teenager's hatred and underlying malice and transform her into a strange, vampire-esque monster. Not-so-surprisingly, the creature stalks the campus and the body count rises. If you're a fan of "1950s-drive-in cinema," you probably have a pretty good idea how this ends. "Blood of Dracula" is a perfect example of the teen-centric "cheapies" American International Pictures was infamous for in the 1950s and '60s. It includes attractive, young and marginally talented actors playing hip, know-it-all teens who love to drink, dance, and romance, while inept adults take advantage of and generally underestimate them. This film is mercifully short and extremely entertaining, especially when the guy with the strange accent/speech impediment shows up and sings a cheesy little rock n' roll tune called "Puppy Love." Highly recommended!

— Christopher R. Mihm

Since so many fans and supporters have contributed and become associate producers, we wanted to take time to highlight some of these wonderful people! Thus, every month between now and the release of "Attack of the Moon Zombies," we will randomly choose and interview one of them.

This month we interview a man who received his associate producer credit as a gift: Raymond Bell!

Raymond Bell
Introduce yourselves to the Mihmiverse!
Hello. I'm Raymond Bell (retired), as is my life partner, David Miller. We may be some of the oldest members of the Mihmiverse! We both love old sci-fi and horror movies from the 1940-'50s and both spent our allowance money as kids going to Saturday matinees to see the old B-movie greats. One of our hobbies is collecting and watching old sci-fi and horror movies.

When and how did you discover the films of Christopher R. Mihm?
We found writer/director Christopher R. Mihm's movies by surfing the web. After finding his site, we are now hooked on his movies.

Which of the five released films is your favorite and why?
We really like all of them, but I guess my favorite is "The Monster of Phantom Lake." It has all of the elements of a great 1950s horror movie: 1) teenagers, 2) a monster, 3) a scientist and 4) a little comic relief with the canoe police. A close second would be "It Came From Another World!" We loved the storyline, and it had our heroes: the canoe cops.

You recently became an associate producer of "Attack of the Moon Zombies." Why?
Sadly, good old fashioned sci-fi and horror movies made on a shoestring budget have given way to big budget special effects extravaganzas. While they're okay, Christopher R. Mihm's movies bring us back to directors like Bert I. Gordon, Ed Wood, Roger Corman and Ray Kellogg.

I've wanted to be an associate producer for some time, so my partner gave me this for a Christmas present. We would like Mr. Mihm to keep making these movies — and we will keep buying them. One thing we hope he'll please consider: bringing back the canoe cops (or their descendents) in a future movie!
Interested in becoming an associate producer? For a miniscule monetary investment, all associate producers will get their names listed in the end credits of "Attack of the Moon Zombies," a pair of collector's tickets to the premiere, five copies of the film on DVD, and a frame-able certificate with their name and title — perfect for your own "wall of fame!"

Visit the merchandise page at, the online home of the films of Christopher R. Mihm, for more information. Who knows? Maybe next month we'll be interviewing YOU!


February 13 - 3:00pm

Sid Korpi (Administrator Ripley/Eh'donish Woman) will be participating in "Taste on the Lake," a fundraiser for the Carver-Scott Humane Society. The event will take place in a 4000 square foot heated tent on Prior Lake behind Captain Jack's Restaurant and Bar. Lots of fun activities to be shared with your dog. For more information, visit the Carver-Scott Humane Society website.
March 3, 10, 11, 18, & 25

Go back to Bayside! Catherine Hansen (Yureena Null) performs in "The Saved by the Bell Show" at the Bryant Lake Bowl.

Bryant Lake Bowl, 810 West Lake Street, Minneapolis, MN


Sid Korpi (Eh'donish Woman/Administrator Ripley) has a whole host of interviews and appearances scheduled over the next couple months. Keep track of all her signings, appearances, and other promotional events for her book "Good Grief: Finding Peace After Pet Loss" by visiting the appearances page at her website:
Rachel Grubb (Amy/Hagra) was featured in a music video for the song "Kapputt" by Destroyer (directed by Dawn Garcia). Check it out HERE!
Mike Mason (Dr. Frasier) was featured on Twin Cities NBC affiliate KARE 11 on January 20th, 2011 in a piece titled: "Hearty Minnesotans Conquer the Cold." The piece highlighted bike commuting in subzero weather, and included his co-worker Kirk Johnson. Visit the KARE 11 website to view the video.


"The Monster of Phantom Lake," "It Came From Another World!," "Cave Women on Mars," "Terror from Beneath the Earth," and "Destination: Outer Space" DVDs are now available at, the online home of the films of Christopher R. Mihm. In addition, "The Monster of Phantom Lake" Collector's Edition DVDs, exclusive movie posters, patches and other merchandise are now in stock. Everything is available in extremely limited quantities, so get yours today before they run out!

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