New movie to be screened Friday in Woodbury


Wendesday, June 20, 2007

Award-winning local producers Christopher Mihm and Josh Craig of Shadow Creek Studios return to Woodbury for an evening of horror and fright with the latest screening of “It Came From Another World.” The screening will be held at the Woodbury 10 Theatre, 1470 Queens Drive, on Friday, June 22 at 11:30 p.m.

It Came From Another World, the sequel to “The Monster of Phantom Lake,” chronicles the further adventures of Professor Jackson as he fights to save the planet from alien invasion.

Thanks to the producers’ innovative interpretations of classic 1950s science fiction and horror films, “The Monster...” has received rave reviews at screenings nationwide. The film also made a stir at the fifth annual Shockerfest International Film Festival, where it won “Director’s Choice.”

“It Came...” has already been featured in the 2007 Flint Film Festival, Shockerfest 2007 and the Big Damn Film Festival, winning “Audience Choice ‘Best of the Fest.’”

The evening is integral in an ongoing series of screenings throughout the Midwest (including Wisconsin, Missouri, Michigan and Minnesota), as filming is taking place in nearby Newport for the latest Professor Jackson installment, Cave Women on Mars.

Director Christopher Mihm and lead actor Josh Craig will be among the cast and crew in attendance, with Shadow Creek DVDs and other merchandise available for sale.