Terror from Beneath the Earth [Movie review by the Drudgeon]
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A really great reason to never go into caves.

* * * (Three stars!)

The movie begins with a young girl getting attacked by some creature. We then jump to Stan Johnson (Daniel R. Sjerven) in a panic talking to Sheriff George Elliott (Justen Overlander) because you see his kids have gone missing and he wants them found. It turns out that Dr. Vincent Edwards (Mike Cook) and his assistant Rosemary (Stephanie Mihm) came across something that may help with the search. While they were going back into the Wisawa Caves to continue to explore they came across some books that have Stan's daughter's name in them. Stan jumps at the chance and decides that he is going to go now. Dr. Edwards explains that the caves are very dangerous and that only the four of them should go, no more no less. While searching the cave for the kids Stan and Rosemary are attacked by an unknown amount of bats. If that wasn't bad enough there seems to be something else roaming around the Wisawa Caves with them and it doesn't seem to be very nice. Will Stan be reunited with his kids or will the monster stop a happy reunion?

The acting is really dead on. From Daniel R. Sjerven being really upset and pretty much throwing a tantrum when everyone is trying to think things through to every line that comes from Mike Cooks' mouth. That is one thing that Christoper R. Mihm is really great at. He really has a strong grip on the dialogue and every line feels like it's from the classic movies.

The effects are a full step up from his last movie and what I mean by that is that he now uses more of the classic tricks. The effects aren't getting "better" in the way that he is now using CG or anything like that, no he is drawing on a bunch more effects that were used before and fitting them into the movie at the right times. My favorite is when they are searching the cave and you can see in the foreground that there is part of the cave but you know exactly how he did it and it looks great (in the classic way).

Actually everything about this movie is a complete step up from his past movies. He seems to have gone back and realized what didn't work before and fixed everything that needed tweaking. This is another movie that looks like it came from the drive-in and I can see a person getting confused and thinking that is actually from the good ol' days.