Cave Women on Mars!

By Dylan Thomas
April 11th, 2008

Back in October, the Southwest Journal profiled three Southwest boys who grew up to fulfill a childhood dream: making B movies.

Christopher Mihm was raised on a steady diet of sci-fi schlock and low-grade horror films from the 1950s. Mihm tried to capture the spirit of those low-budget features with "The Monster of Phantom Lake," filmed in six weeks with volunteer actors and released in March 2006. It was a success, quickly earning in DVD sales more than the $3,000 it cost to make.

"Monster" won Mihm a distribution deal with Maple Grove-based Braun Media. He now runs Shadow Creek Studios with Josh Craig and Mike Mason who, like Mihm, grew up in Southwest and attended South High School in the early '90s.

Mihm's latest feature, "Cave Women on Mars," has its debut April 12 at The Heights Theater, 3951 Central Ave. NE. Showtime is 6:30 p.m. and tickets are $5.