Filmmakers are from Mars

American astronauts confront fetching women in animal skins in "Cave Women on Mars," the latest B-movie masterpiece by local director Christopher Mihm -- Minnesota's own Ed Wood -- premiering at 7:30 p.m. Saturday at the Heights. Mihm grew up watching such schlock classics as "The Tingler" with his dad, and set out to create his own brand of horror/sci-fi movies the whole family can enjoy. Each film -- "Monster of Phantom Lake" was the first--is shot in grainy black and white, and features goofy costumes, flat dialogue, utterly ridiculous performances. And they're a real hoot. Get there early to nab a seat next to one of the "stars," including Josh Craig, who plays the same character -- pipe-smoking Professor (or Captain) Jackson -- in every movie.

-- Peter Schilling