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Cave Women on Mars Premiere
Tuesday, April 16, 2008

Where do I begin with this?

I was introduced to the films of Christopher Mihm last year at the Big Damn Film Festival here in Omaha. After the "big Omaha" film, Mihm's film Monster of Phantom Lake was shown to a small audience. I was fortunate to be among them.

When its sequel, It Came From Another World, was released, I had to buy the dvd as soon as I could.

And now comes the third in the series, and technically the best of the lot.

Set in the far-off future of 1987, the film introduces a new duo of heroes, Captain Jackson (son of Professor Jackson, star of the first two movies, also played by Josh Craig) and Lieutenant Elliott, played by newcomer (to this series) Daniel Sjerven.

On a side note, while the previous films have been populated by campy, fun actors, Sjerven brings a whole new level into it. I was reminded of the recent Clerks II film, where we have a group of fun actors we've enjoyed for the past several movies and suddenly there's Rosario Dawson bringing major acting chops to the film.

Jackson and Elliott are on a spaceship traveling from Earth to Mars, the first Earth ship to ever reach that distant planet. When they arrive, instead of finding a dead world, they discover the possibility of life.

After landing, they split up to more quickly survey the planet. While Jackson finds himself without much to look at, Elliott finds the source of those life form readings. It seems the planet is indeed populated. There are two tribes, both ruled by women, and both of them think the strange man is a spy from the opposing tribe.

Through the character interactions, we see the differences - and similarities - in the tribes, and just how far they're willing to go to prove their side is the only "right" side.

(side note, how fun was it to see "Amy" from Phantom Lake fighting against William Shatner's girlfriend from Invasion: Iowa?)

In talking with Brooke, she revealed this is only the first part of a possible trilogy featuring the Cave Women characters. If the others do come to pass, I'll be there ... and hopefully first in line.

I had a blast being in the audience with the cast and crew at the premiere ... just have one slightly negative comment to make.

And it's not about the movie, it's about the audience.

How could I possibly be the ONLY person in the theatre to get the "By your command" Cylon/Battlestar Galactica reference?

You can get your own copy on dvd by going to their website.

There seems to be something up with the website. All those people rushing the site to order, I expect.

If you have Netflix, you can get both Monster of Phantom Lake and the second movie, It Came From Another World. Try them ... you just might like them.

I sure do!