"Attack of the Moon Zombies"
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If you love classic sci-fi, then there is a good chance you will like "Attack of the Moon Zombies." Written and directed by Christopher Mihm, he really has captured that feeling of those old black and white creature films. Not only with the style of writing and acting but with the use of simple sets made from bits and bobs and true old school practical effects.

The film starts with a rocket flying through space towards the moon and docking inside a crater where the moon base is located. It was trying hard to capture the 1950's b-movie look but I found myself being pulled out of the story right from the start. Things just looked a little too clean, it made me begin to wonder how this was achieved. Back in the 50's they would of used models on strings and rods and I found myself missing those strings. Once we cut to the live action the film really took off, as if I was sitting at a drive in as apposed to watching it on my big flat screen. I really could pretend I was watching a film from yesteryear. The costumes, hair styles and casting are all perfect, right down to the Brussels sprout, bug eyed, cabbage head Moon Zombies. The way the film was written and directed really showed that Christopher Mihm knows his craft and this was all enhanced by the use of sound and old film stock effects. The only thing that let it down, or should I say gave the game away was the use of modern props that were easily recognizable, maybe I'm being a little critical, this is of course a film "in the style of" and not a forgery of a lost classic. Also lets not forget this film is independently made on a budget and probably filmed in the guy's basement or garage.

So whats it about? Well, Moon Zombies of course. The story in short form is we have a group of scientist living and working on the moon. Dr. Vincent Edwards is about to retire and his replacement is flown up. They then find a plant like thing in a cave which then starts turning the humans into the 1950's style scary low budget cabbage head, bug eyed Moon Zombies.

From then on it all goes horribly wrong and it's a 1950's style fight for survival. There is a lot more to the story than that but I don't want to give too much away as it's all in the excellent writing and acting.

"Attack of the Moon Zombies" is a lot of fun, a good movie to watch at a popcorn party and homage to the genre. If Moon Zombies aren't your thing Christopher has other films in this same style and you can see them over on his website HERE.
Best Line -  "This man is dead and he is NOT coming back."
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