"Attack of the Moon Zombies"
By Verhoskan

Great Stuff

"Attack of the Moon Zombies" is a hilarious homage to the 1950s science fiction B-movies and other types of films. There's obvious nods to George Romero with calling the prodution company "All For George Productions." The homages are also present in character names—Ripley from "Alien," "Ace" Frehley—rock group KISS, Dr. Huer, Rogers, Deering, Theopolis—"Buck Rogers In The 25th Century." There's also clear parallels to the "Alien" films with an evil corporation. This film was a great tribute. The costumes look very cheesy. It was perfect for 1950s movies. The acting was far from perfect, but that was deliberate and worked perfectly for the 1950s. I loved when the African-American guy says "I'm amazed I lived this long" and then promptly gets killed. It perfectly captured the tone of those old campy movies. Mihm certainly knows how to do those types of films well.

I give "Attack of the Moon Zombies" 8 out of 10!