Moon Zombies!

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In the next few days I will be putting up a blog about the black raspberry cheesecake thingies I made last weekend. I meant to post about them earlier in the week and uploaded the pictures to my laptop, but now my laptop is being uncooperative so that plan went out the window. I'm hoping to sit down and write that post on Sunday. For now, let me tell you a little bit about my week.

The majority of this week was unremarkable. My parents were out of town (they just got back this evening), so I had the house to myself which was nice. I played my uke and harmonica, and I'm noticing a lot of improvement in both instruments. Building that sort of a skill is such a gradual thing that I often don't even think about it, and then one day it will hit me that it's way easier than it was a few months ago.

I really only did two noteworthy things this week; I went antiquing with the lovely Molly on Tuesday, and I went to Attack of the Moon Zombies last night with my friend KT.I hadn't seen Molly since before she went to Germany, which was in mid-June, so it was excellent to finally do something with her. Seriously, I don't know why it is that I always end up with best friends who have no time for me, but it seems to be my lot in life. We went to a huge antique store in St. Paul. The place went on and on and on. There were so many interesting things and it was very tempting to splurge, especially on the antique film projector. But I resisted the urge. I ended up with two vintage 7up bottle caps (which will end up as earrings) and a 1960s Squirt bottle (Squirt as in the soft drink). It's a green glass bottle with a swirled/twisted bottom, very cool. After the antique store, Molly and I ate at 50's Grill, which is a really fabulous place. Going to a retro diner was a fitting end to a day of antiquing. I really love vintage stuff, especially from the '50s. I (not-so) secretly want to work at an antiques restoration place.

Thursday came, and with it the event I'd been anticipating for over a week: "Attack of the Moon Zombies" playing at the New Hope Cinema Grill. The movie is by a local guy named Christopher R. Mihm, who makes retro-style b-movies. You know, "Attack of the radioactive something-or-others" or "Monster from a mysterious-sounding place." I love those movies. So when I saw in the local paper that a movie called "Attack of the Moon Zombies" would be screening near me, I had to go. My friend Kt, also a lover of cheesy movies, came as well. The movie was hilarious, with the right balance of in-jokes about the genre and playing it "straight," and the brilliantly-written plot and dialogue oozing with all the gooey cheesiness of a '50s drive-in thriller. It was in black-and-white as well, which just made the whole thing.

After the movie was over I went to the merch table and purchased all 6 of Mr. Mihm's movie, as a well as a patch like the one on the uniforms in "Moon Zombies." I talked to the man himself for a little bit, got a couple suggestions for cheesy movies, and asked how one would go about getting on the crew or cast of one of his films. He said basically by asking how to get involved, and I should send him an e-mail saying I'm interested. So I shall do just that, and with any luck get to help out with one of his movies in the future (he tends to do one a year).

Tomorrow I will be going to the Sculpture Garden to dance with Matt of Where the Hell is Matt? fame. For those not familiar, the basics of it is that this guy Matt made a video several years ago, a montage of him doing the same silly dance in locations all across the world, and put it on the internet. A couple years later the video went viral, and Stride gum approached him about doing another video. Which he did. And then he approached Stride with an idea for another dancing video to see if they would sponsor it. Which they did. And now he's doing another video, and one of his stops is Minneapolis. At 4pm tomorrow, in front of the Spoonbridge. Should be fun.