The next Mihmiverse film, "Attack of the Moon Zombies," finally arrives at the end of this month! Early reviews are painting this film as writer/director Christopher R. Mihm's finest work to date and we here at the Phantom Lake Almanac, the official newsletter of the films of Christopher R. Mihm, heartily agree!

Don't forget! The big "Attack of the Moon Zombies" world premiere takes place on May 25th at the Heights Theatre. Advance tickets are still available BUT, they are 80%+ sold out! If you have not bought tickets to the event and would like to attend, we cannot stress how important it is that you purchase advance tickets NOW! Collector's ticket packages are no longer available, but we have been given permission to sell standard-price ($5.00) advance tickets, and they are selling out quickly. And, since we are selling standard advance tickets, if the event sells out beforehand, there will NOT be tickets available at the door. Let us repeat that for clarity: if the "Attack of the Moon Zombies" premiere sells out through advance ticket sales, tickets WILL NOT be available at the door! So DO NOT hesitate to order your tickets RIGHT NOW!

At the "Attack of the Moon Zombies" world premiere, you'll enjoy a program complete with hand-picked, era-appropriate newsreels, organ music from the "WCCO Mighty Wurlizter," an appearance by Dr. Ivan Cryptosis, the official horror host of the Mihmiverse, and classic '50s movie trailers; a merchandise raffle; appearances by most (if not all) of the cast and crew; free cake; and autographs and photos with the title creatures from the film (don't forget to bring your camera)! DVDs, posters and other merchandise will also be on sale!

To order advance tickets, visit the events section of the merchandise page at, the online home of the films of Christopher R. Mihm.

Check out the official trailer below!

If you aren't able to attend the big "Attack of the Moon Zombies" premiere, don't worry! Here are some of the ways you can still see the greatest Mihm movie of them all:
  • In the privacy of your own home.

    You can now pre-order the "Attack of the Moon Zombies" DVD! Only $9.99 plus $2.50 shipping and handling, the newest Mihmiverse film will ship on or around the day of the premiere (May 25th). Order yours today at
  • At the drive-in—the way all Mihm films were meant to be seen.

    "Attack of the Moon Zombies" will continue a years-long Mihmiverse tradition by screening over Memorial Day weekend at the Hi-way 18 Outdoor Theatre in Jefferson, Wisconsin! The movie will screen as the third film of a triple-feature alongside such big-budget Hollywood fare as "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides!" Plus, new this year, the Hi-way 18 Outdoor Theatre has gone digital, so expect a brighter, crisper picture and unparalleled sound!
  • As part of an awesome Oshkosh double feature.

    "Attack of the Moon Zombies" and "Terror from Beneath the Earth" will screen as a double feature at the Time Community Theater in downtown Oshkosh, Wisconsin!

    Robert Arndt (Dr. Banks) and Oshkosh Horror bring you the first-ever Northeast Wisconsin Mihmiverse double feature hosted by the official horror host of the Mihmiverse, Dr. Ivan Cryptosis. In addition to the films, the full program will include era-appropriate newsreels and trailers, intermission entertainment from Dr. Ivan Cryptosis (Curator of the Macabre), an opportunity to meet writer/director Christopher R. Mihm, photos with the title creatures from the films (bring your camera!), and a raffle! DVDs, posters, and other merchandise will be on sale at the event! Rumor has it that a few members of the cast and crew may also attend and will be more than happy to sign autographs!

    This event is open to the public and the price of admission is $5.00 at the door.
In other news, be sure to pick up the June issue of SCI-FI Magazine while it's still available! On the cover, you'll find a photo of Johnny Depp in his iconic Captain Jack Sparrow outfit (from the "Pirates of the Caribbean" series of films) and within, you'll find a great little article about writer/director Christopher R. Mihm! The article is found in the "SCI-FI Wire" section and includes a great, never-before-seen behind-the-scenes photo from "Attack of the Moon Zombies!" SCI-FI Magazine is available at most major retailers and book stores.

Lastly, after discussions with the host hotel broke down, Mihm-i-CON, the first official Mihmiverse meet-up, has been indefinitely postponed. Apparently, the host hotel has been cited for multiple violations and is on the brink of being forcibly shut down—a fact understandably never mentioned by their sales team. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, and we will do what we can to reschedule the event.


This month, we continue the series of monthly videos that follow two Mihmiverse superfans (Bob Arndt and Rob "Rod" Wartick) as they journey from Appleton, Wisconsin, to the set of the next Christopher R. Mihm film, "Attack of the Moon Zombies," in Minnesota. In this "premiere eve" segment, we hear from writer/director Christopher R. Mihm about his latest film!


Zombies of Mora Tau (1957)
Directed by Edward L. Cahn.
Starring Gregg Palmer and Allison Hayes.

A treasure hunter and his crew arrive on the coast of Africa with every intent to pilfer the loot contained in an old sunken ship. Unfortunately, they find the legends surrounding the wreck to be true: the crew of the ship has been reanimated by an ancient African idol and is cursed to guard it (and a cache of jewels) for all eternity. Though many have tried and failed miserably to obtain the booty, the leader of the expedition is undeterred from his quest, zombie curses be damned! Even when his own wife is mesmerized by the power of the idol, he presses on and not-so-surprisingly finds himself having to fight for his very soul. This cheap, quickly made film from legendary B-movie producer Sam Katzman is far more entertaining than it has any right to be! The zombie crew members are of the slow-moving type and aren't particularly gory or frightening. There's a bit of a romantic subplot running through the film that isn't detrimental in any real way, but feels more like a minor distraction. As a B-movie connoisseur, I was particularly impressed with the ultra-cheesy "underwater" scenes, which were basically filmed on a soundstage using a guy in a diving helmet being chased by a zombie (walking on the bottom of the sea, no less). They literally used a bubble machine strapped to the "diver's" back to emulate the underwater release of carbon dioxide—a very low-budget solution to a big-budget problem that needs to be seen to be truly appreciated. The movie is a step above the cheapest-of-the-cheap 1950s B-grade pictures—but not by much! Definitely worth checking out if you've never seen it.

— Christopher R. Mihm

Since so many fans and supporters have contributed and become associate producers, we wanted to take time to highlight some of these wonderful people! Thus, every month between now and the release of "Attack of the Moon Zombies," we will randomly choose and interview one of them.

This month, we interview Bob Arndt, who will soon be better recognized as Dr. Banks in "Attack of the Moon Zombies!"

Bob Arndt
Introduce yourself to the Mihmiverse!
Hello! My name is Robert (Bob) Arndt and I am proud to say that I am an associate producer of Christopher R. Mihm's latest venture, "Attack of the Moon Zombies." You may recognize me from my on-screen appearance in "Destination: Outer Space" and also my "Attack of the Moon Zombies" behind-the-scenes documentary, "Behind the Sliding Door." I am from Appleton, Wisconsin. Anyone who knows me well knows that I am a movie buff. Like many movie buffs, I have wasted many brain cells on storing worthless information about movies. No, I am not one of those guys who walks around quoting films.

When and how did you discover the films of Christopher R. Mihm?
It is no secret that I am related to Christopher R. Mihm. He is married to my cousin Stephanie. I met Chris at a family gathering back in, I think, 2007. I recall that he was wearing either a "Lord of the Rings" or "Star Wars" tee-shirt and was sporting his usual "scruffy-casual Mihm look." We started chatting about movies and a little about his work as a filmmaker. Right away I knew that I liked this guy and we would get along just fine. Shortly after that, Stephanie sent me a complementary "cousin" copy of "The Monster of Phantom Lake." Initially, I expected it to be nasty awful like most of the independent sci-fi horror films I have seen. Well, it is a little obvious that my reaction was the polar opposite and I became a super fan.

Which of the five released films is your favorite and why?
"Terror from Beneath the Earth" is my first and favorite Mihm film.

My current favorite is "Terror From Beneath the Earth." I love the story and the special effects work on the film. It amazes me how Chris pulled off the feeling of being in an endless cave with only having a small corner of his basement to work with. Also, "Terror From Beneath the Earth" was the first Mihmiverse film premiere that I attended, and it was the first time I ever saw my name listed in the credits of a film (as a Super Fan). The experience will be one I will never forget. I specifically recall seeing "The Bat" turn around for the first time. I couldn't help but laugh uncontrollably as I noticed the corn cob spears being used for teeth. CLASSIC!

Why did you become an associate producer of "Attack of the Moon Zombies?"
Right away you may think it is a family thing, but that is not true. I truly feel that Chris has a style that appeals to a certain audience and that he needs to continue making these films. I recall as a child loving to watch TV shows like "The Twilight Zone" and "The Outer Limits" (the original series with black-and-white episodes). Those shows are what attracted me to sci-fi horror films of the 1950s like "The Fly" and "The Thing From Another World." The best thing about those TV shows and films was that, as a kid, I could watch them without being impacted in a negative way (my friends might disagree with that). The films of the Mihmiverse are exactly that. They are good, clean, family entertainment. Yes, some have music that is too scary for a 5-year-old, but, in general, I can share these films with my children without worrying about blood, guts, sex scenes, and profanity. Also, creating these new films in the 1950s style brings attention to the classics for a younger generation. For that reason, I appreciate what Chris is doing and want to do what I can to show my support.

In addition to all of that, one thing that is important to me is a good story. Unlike with prior films, I was able to see the script to "Attack of the Moon Zombies" before filming was to begin because I was given the opportunity to star in the film as "Dr. Banks." I tossed around contributing as an Associate Producer because I was contributing as a member of the cast, but once I finished reading the script, there was no question that I needed to go the extra mile and contribute financially to the film. The script is everything I wanted it to be... and more. Chris knows this will probably be my new favorite, and I think it might become yours as well. I hope to see you at the premiere!


Now through May 29

Mike Cook (Gustav/Dr. Edwards) appears as "Albert Soady" in "Escanaba in Da Moonlight" at the Fanny Hill Dinner Theatre.

Fanny Hill Dinner Theatre, 3919 Crescent Avenue, Eau Claire, WI
May 5, 7, 12, 19 & 26 - 10:00pm

Go back to Bayside! Catherine Hansen (Yureena Null) performs in "The Saved by the Bell Show" at the Bryant Lake Bowl.

Bryant Lake Bowl, 810 West Lake Street, Minneapolis, MN
May 23

Shannon McDonough (Julie Ann Saint Marie/Dr. Hackett) appears in multiple student-made shorts (including "Your Mother's a Hunt," "Bloodshed Love," and "Future Man") at the MCTC Student Showcase.

The Parkway Theater, 4814 Chicago Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN
May 25 - doors at 6:30pm, movie at 7:30pm

"Attack of the Moon Zombies" premieres at the Heights Theatre in Columbia Heights, Minnesota! The event is open to the public and the price of admission is only $5.00—and is ALMOST SOLD OUT!

This is your chance to see the latest (and, if rumors are to be believed, greatest) Mihmiverse film before the rest of the world, and enjoy a program complete with organ music from the "WCCO Mighty Wurlitzer," era-appropriate newsreels and trailers, and appearances by most (if not all) of the cast and crew! Plus, there'll be free cake, autographs and photos with characters from the film (don't forget to bring your camera), and a raffle! DVDs, posters and other merchandise will be on sale at the event!

Click here to purchase advance tickets!

The Heights Theatre, 3951 Central Avenue NE, Columbia Heights, MN
May 27-29 - dusk

Following in the footsteps of its "younger siblings," "Attack of the Moon Zombies" continues a Mihmiverse tradition with its drive-in premiere as the third film of a triple feature at the Hi-way 18 Outdoor Theatre!

New this year! The Hi-way 18 Outdoor Theatre is going digital—so expect a much brighter, higher-quality picture and unmatched sound!

The Hi-way 18 Outdoor Theatre, corner of Highways 18 & 89, Jefferson, WI
June 11 - doors at 5:30pm, movies at 6:30pm

Hosted by the official horror host of the Mihmiverse, Dr. Ivan Cryptosis, "Attack of the Moon Zombies" and "Terror from Beneath the Earth" will screen as a double-feature at the Time Community Theater in downtown Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Time Community Theater, 445 North Main Street, Oshkosh, WI
June 27 - 6:30pm

"Gehenna," a film featuring James Norgard (Dr. Gabriel) premieres at the Heights Theatre.

The Heights Theatre, 3951 Central Avenue NE, Columbia Heights, MN


Justen Overlander (Jonathan/Sheriff Elliott) recently spent some face-to-face time with writer/director Christopher R. Mihm. In the first of several upcoming video interviews, Mr. Mihm discusses his latest picture, "Attack of the Moon Zombies," and offers some background on his particular niche in the independent cinema world. Be sure to bookmark Justen's Examiner page so you don't miss the subsequent interview videos, including an interview with the man in the monster costumes, Michael Kaiser!

Click HERE to watch the video!

Keep track of all of Sid Korpi's (Administrator Ripley) interviews, signings, appearances, and other promotional events for her book "Good Grief: Finding Peace After Pet Loss" by visiting the appearances page at her website:
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