Annihilate All Humans!
DVD & Blu-Ray / download / trailer
Released August 2nd, 2023 — 74 minutes, black & white, not rated
Annihilate All Humans!

The world is under attack by flying saucers and only top scientists Dr. Edwards (Mike Cook) and Dr. Gabriel (James Norgard) can put an end to their unearthly aggression! Unfortunately, they have no idea it's even happening because they've been kidnapped by General Castle (Mark Haider) and taken to a remote cabin in the deep woods for some unsolicited rest & relaxation! Can our heroes find their way back to civilization in time to stop the alien menace, or will the seemingly unstoppable space invaders succeed in their quest to ANNIHILATE ALL HUMANS!?

Written, directed, and edited by Christopher R. Mihm

Christopher R. Mihm and Stephanie Mihm

Executive Producer
Marty Benoit

Associate Producers
Matthew Pavesic, John Simmons, Craig's Curling Shoes
Midnight Monster Movies with Dr. Bob

"Spider Smash"
Written and performed by The Night Hobs


Mike Cook  —  Dr. Edwards
Tyler Haines  —  Agar
Elliott Mihm  —  Karok
Mark Haider  —  General Castle
Michael Kaiser  —  Korak
James Norgard  —  Dr. Gabriel


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