The Mihmiverse Holiday Special
The Mihmiverse Holiday Special

Steve has gone missing and the new society he's built for his people has fallen into chaos and despair! Luckily, his loyal sidekick (and nephew) Stu knows EXACTLY where to find someone who can help locate his uncle...and help bring joy back to their planet! "The Mihmiverse Holiday Special" brings back every Mihmivite's favorite alien and a familiar cast of characters to go on a wild adventure, celebrate the holiday season, and pay homage to the granddaddy of genre holiday specials, "The Star Wars Holiday Special!"

Written, directed, and edited by Christopher R. Mihm

Produced by Christopher R. Mihm and Stephanie Mihm

Would you like to contribute to the production of this project and see your name (or the name of someone you love) in the end credits?

All contributors will be entitled to having a single name of their choosing listed during the closing credits of the special, a customized, framable document certifying their participation and one (1) copy of the finished product!

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ALL-CON Dallas, Joseph Barth IV, Bruce the Alien, Bunch of Crazies, Todd Clasen, Michael Cross, Russ Davis, Silent Partner Bart de Boisblanc, Ben Doran, Daniel K. Flynn, Liam M. Flynn, Peter K. Flynn, Aaron Gallaway, Marisa Gennace, Robert Goodrick "The Premiere Mihmiverse Cosplayer" and the illustrious Charizard, Rick "The Destroyer" Hayden, Rick Hutchins, Scott & Lisa Jones, Jesse Knepper, Brandis Martin, Monster Movie Kid, Cosmo Morris, Matt Morrison of, Jim & Linda Norgard, Jeff Owens, Ann Perkins, Barry Perkins, Jennifer Perkins, Ms. Theresa Perkins, Diane Perrault, Gary and Julie Rizner, RJDiogenes, Frank P. "Back to the '60s" Skinner, Karen Streif, Vince Streif, Stephen D. Sullivan, Thanks for "Le Bad" Memories, and In Loving Memory of Jenn "Midnight" Perkins

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