One of the most common questions we receive here at is: "When will writer/director Christopher R. Mihm release Blu-Rays of his films?"

Manufacturing costs of Blu-Ray discs are considerably higher than standard-definition DVDs but, by comparison, DVDs suffer from a lack of video clarity and quality. Since we now live in a high definition world, it's time for fans to be given access to the best possible presentations of the films of the Mihmiverse! AND, even though the first six movies were shot in standard definition, higher quality, higher bitrate versions of the films DO exist, and no one besides the writer/director himself has ever seen them!

After FINALLY finding the right software to handle the authoring of such discs and a manufacturer with the perfect price point, Mr. Mihm has decided to go forward with officially releasing the first 12 films as special edition double-feature Blu-Rays!

The plan includes releasing six retail-ready, duplicated BD25 Blu-Ray discs—each containing a remastered, highest-quality-possible SD print of one of the first six films, paired with a full 1080p HD print of one of the subsequent six films. In addition, each film will include a NEW commentary by writer/director Christopher R. Mihm recorded specifically for these double-feature discs! Extra as-yet-to-be-determined special features will be added to each disc as space allows.

Mihmiverse Double-Feature
Blu-Ray Sets
(6 discs, 12 movies)
$100 per set (+S&H)
number of sets:
PLEASE NOTE: We need your help to make this a reality! If we can hit our goal of pre-selling 25 full sets, Saint Euphoria Pictures can produce these long sought-after releases!

Each disc will retail for roughly $20 each, with a full set of six costing $120. However, everyone who pre-orders a set NOW (before they're manufactured) will receive a special $20 off the full price and, in essence, get two Mihmiverse films (ONE DOUBLE-FEATURE BLU-RAY) for FREE! BOFO! (Buy five, get one!)

IMPORTANT! THIS IS A CROWD-FUNDING CAMPAIGN and by participating, you are PRE-ORDERING a full set of six Mihmiverse double-feature Blu-Rays. Discs WILL NOT be manufactured before we pre-sell 25 sets and, as a result, we cannot guarantee a specific ship date at this time. If we are unable to pre-sell 25 sets before March 31st, 2019, the campaign will be canceled and your money (minus a small PayPal processing fee) will be returned to you. This special crowd-funding offer is ONLY for full sets. Individual Blu-Rays WILL NOT be sold separately until AFTER (and only IF) the campaign's goal is reached!

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